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Fashion Fit Formula

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What is Fashion Fit 

Appearing ungroomed, scruffy or dowdy can happen to anyone. Rarely does it have anything to do with your size, age, weight, or your height. Have you ever gone shopping with a friend that wears the same size as you and the same taste in clothes; only to come out of the dressing room looking completely different in the outfit? UGGGGG, right? 

What happens next is “I'm too fat, too thin, stumpy.” The negative self-talk continues; therefore, you leave with nothing because you have dragged your self-worth through the mud. 

When you google anything around style and fit, what you will find is that clothing is designed using the Eight-head length methodology.  However, that method is outdated because some of us have shorter torsos, longer necks, shorter legs, etc.  

Think about it. You try on an outfit that was designed for the rare, “perfectly proportioned” model type and the fit and balance are off.  Again, UGGGG!  

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 The Solution is in the Formula 


The beauty of the Fashion Fit Formula is that it is not based on your body type (triangle, round, hourglass), or your weight, but on your actual bone structure! The results are consistent, within an 1/8 of an inch, not matter what. How is that for a solution? 


What is important to know is when this formula is applied to your wardrobe, you will discover that you appear more balanced in your clothing because the eye will be drawn upward. Shopping and alterations will be much easier when FFF is used because you will have the tools in your hand to share on, your best skirt, pants, and jacket lengths once you understand how they should fit using your own formula. You will feel more comfortable, confident, polished, and stylish.  


The Process

 After purchasing FFF, You will need to complete and submit the Style Questionnaire below We will meet in my style studio (or I can assist you virtually) for about 30-40 minutes where we will take 12 measurements using a measuring tape from head to foot. If you are under 4’11 we will need to get the calculation hand done by the creator of FFF, but no worries, rest assured. Your results will arrive within a few minutes by email, and we will go over it together. I can answer any questions and discuss next steps on your style journey. 


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