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Virtual Style Services


Your Silhouette

Your silhouette (shape) can change with weight loss or gain, we can now sculpt our shapes through workouts and weight training. The challenge is that we continue to adorn ourselves using the same styles that are no longer flattering. In addition to Fashion Fit Formula, having clarity on what styles, shapes and scale are best for YOU is key to showing up polished and stylish. 

How Does This Work?

After you make your purchase and complete the Style Questionnaire below.  I will reach out to you to schedule a Style Discovery Call to discuss your style goals and challenges.

Shortly after, I will forward your personal link to complete your portion of the style guide. Within 7-10 days, you will receive my response. We will go over it together and discuss next steps for you style journey.

Are excited to begin? Great! click the button below to make your purchase.

I am looking forward meeting you! ~Nikki 


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Four of the Six Types

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