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Summer Hues 2021 🌈

Thank Goodness covid restrictions are being lifted across the country and it is time to get out an about with more cautionary freedom. This means back to normal life, and we want to do it with a BANG! Immediately for summer I think bright, light, and fun colors 🌈

A couple of months ago I shared with you the Pantone Colors of the year. This month I want to dive into summer hues. Summer hues are core palates of color that include the Pantone yellow and grey but expand into greens, raspberry, rust, purples and more. This palate is relevant across the board for all genders.

What if you do not own any of the hues in your wardrobe? No Problem! If you love to shop, go for it, but do so with a plan in mind. Purchase a few clothing items that really speak to your personal style. Something that screams “BUY ME PLEASE”. If not, find accessories or shoes that fall in line with the hues, that can also take you into fall. I am a firm believer in the importance of making quality purchase that last beyond a few wears without “fluffies” (pilling). If you don’t love to shop, the internet is your best friend! – I will link some awesome finds down below.

For my guys –

Try shirts or shorts in one of the colors that are a bit out of your comfort zone. Select prints, or even a solid with more texture than you would normally choose. You can mix prints too! I have a client who recently purchased my “in the moment style” package, provides the opportunity to contact me in- the-moment while out shopping. He was looking to purchase his summer wardrobe and was looking to try new textures and patterns. This was a win-win. He stepped out of the box while finding great deals!

For my girls –

We have so many more options (sorry guys) to bring color into our wardrobes! This doesn’t mean buying a whole new summer wardrobe but evaluate what you have and try adding a new hue. The easiest way to do that (especially on a budget) is ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES! Buy a bold color hat, a light hair scarf, colorful bracelets, a pretty slip dress for underneath what you already own or funky footwear. The possibilities are endless!

If you want to sign up for my shopping package, click the link to schedule a “get to know you” call and then you will have me, your stylist, in your proverbial pocket! I am her for YOU!

Check a sample of Summer Hues suggestions. If you like anything thing, click to purchase! Still want to chat it up? Use the link above.

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